How to get involved

If you are interested in the topic of Indigenous communities and broadband network and technology development, you are invited to join one or both of the email lists managed by our project. The CI-Indigenous list is for people interested in community informatics and Indigenous communities globally. Most of the current CI-Indigenous email list members are from outside Canada. The second list, First Mile, is for people interested in local community ownership and control of local broadband networks. To join either of these lists, contact (

If you live in a First Nation and would like to be involved in the First Nations Innovation project, we invite you to contact one of the regional partners in the Atlantic, Quebec or Ontario regions – check out the Partners and Communities section of this website for the contact details.

This website is a resource for everyone. If you have suggestions for information that could be included on this site, or questions about any material on it, contact one of the regional partners or the lead researcher Susan O’Donnell (

Anyone who would like to join one of our regular monthly meetings to share ideas about research is welcome. Contact: These meetings are held by multi-site videoconference.