We see many benefits resulting from our ongoing work including:

  • Improving communication strategies, networks and tools with partner remote and rural First Nations and their organizations in the Atlantic, Quebec and Ontario regions;
  • Sharing and documenting First Nation innovative success stories and best practices with other First Nations, academics and the Canadian public;
  • Supporting First Nation ownership, control, access and possession of ICT tools, infrastructure and capacity through appropriate and respectful documentation and presentation of innovative practices by First Nation partners;
  • Creating a public online environment that is inclusive and inviting for new partnerships and relationships with other regional, national and international organizations and communities;
  • Developing policies and processes that include and support First Nations involvement in research;
  • Developing an understanding of how First Nations are using technologies for community, social and economic development;
  • Creating evidence that can be used by community, regional, provincial, territorial and federal government to develop policies related to First Nations and connectivity;
  • Developing academic publications that can be used in teaching and learning environments;
  • Using technologies to develop new methodologies for conducting research in collaboration with remote and rural First Nations;
  • Developing understanding and knowledge that can be used in many different academic disciplines;
  • Creating networks and collaborations with national and international researchers and community leaders.